Alternatives to Pet Cremation

Although it is true to say that pet cremation is the most popular after death choice in the UK there are other options available.  You will normally have to research these options yourself as most vets will only offer the pet cremation services that their weekly disposal company provides.  Pets are classed as Animal By Products under European Legislation and so legally their remains can be disposed of at a landfill site – this is where the majority of pet remains end up after communal (mass) cremation.

Burying your pet at home

Most of the time you are allowed to take your pet’s body home to bury in your garden.  This may not be the case in certain circumstances such as if you do not own your home or if the burial of your pet could cause harm to other people or animals or to the environment.  You should contact your local council if you live near an underground watercourse.

Before deciding on home burial it is important to consider practicalities such as whether you will be physically able to bury your pet yourself, how your family will feel having them there and what you will do if you move home.  After considering these factors many owners choose individual pet cremation instead then scatter their ashes in the garden or along a favourite walk or keep their pet’s ashes with them indoors.

Burial in a Pet Cemetery

Pet cemeteries enable you to have your pet individually buried in a designated plot that you can usually mark with a memorial.  There are not many pet cemeteries in the UK and so you may have to travel some distance for the nearest site.  You must make the necessary arrangements with the pet cemetery yourself.  Visit for a list of reputable pet cemeteries in the UK.

Pet Taxidermy

Some people choose pet taxidermy as an alternative to the mainstream options of pet cremation and pet burial.  There are very few taxidermists that perform this specialist service and it is crucial that you carefully consider whether pet taxidermy is the right decision for you.  The process takes a very long time to complete and can be very costly.  Further advice can be found here

Cryomation for pets

This new process is similar to cremation in that pet owners receive some remains after the process but it is much more environmentally friendly and uses liquid nitrogen.  It is a new after death care option and so is not widely available.  Read more about Cryomation here

Resomation for pets

Resomation is another relatively new alternative to pet cremation.  It involves alkaline hydrolysis which breaks the body down chemically.  Read more about Resomation here

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